10 Foods to Eat on a Keto Diet

If you’ve finally decided to pursue the ketogenic diet to get your dream body goals, you’re not alone. This trendy diet is sure all the rage these days because it has been tried and tested, and the results were indeed astonishing. But, if you are not so sure about what foods you can eat, then you’ve come to the right food list.

Shopping for -approved foods can be a bit tricky as many packaged, processed, and even the fruits and vegetables we used to eat are forbidden. According to a Director of the Duke Lifestyle Medical Clinic, Eric Westman, MD, in order to be successful with the keto diet, you must follow a low-carb yet high-fat diet while consuming moderate amounts of protein.This is because when you only take a minimal amount of carbohydrates to 50 grams a day, the body will burn stored fat to ketones (through the process of ketosis) to act as the new fuel source. So, here are some of the approved foods you can add in your ketogenic meal plan.

1. Meat and Eggs

Meat products comprise the lion’s share in this diet plan. However, nutritionists emphasized the significance of choosing quality meat products for your diet. Experts recommend buying, as much as possible, organic selections or grass-fed beef or pork.

If you are thinking of only eating bacon and steak according to the diet, then you won’t achieve what you are aiming for. This is because eating too much protein than what your body normally uses will convert the extra protein into sugar (in a process called gluconeogenesis) and thus, keeping you off ketosis.

Like meat and poultry, eggs are also a good source of protein, and they are one of the favored -friendly foods because they can be bought easily and are easy to prepare.

If you cannot get protein from animal sources, then you can try whey protein concentrate. Stay away from heavily processed or packaged meat, as this may contain heavy metals or trace antibiotics. Also, be careful with sausages and bacon with curing agents or additives.

  • Approved for Strict Diet
    Collagen peptides, brown or white eggs, organ meats,dark meats, pork, whey protein concentrate, and colostrum
  • Approved for Strict Diet occasionally
    Pastured turkey and chicken, whey or whey protein isolate,
  • Approved for Dirty Diet
    Soy protein, factory-farmed meat, protein powders
Keto Diet Food

2. Seafood

Seafood can also be taken by people who are observing a keto diet. A nutritionist in Middleberge Nutrition in NYC, PegaJalali says that one should adhere to high-quality seafood such as sustainably farmed or wild seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet
    Wild Salmon, mackerel, crab, shrimp, tuna, cod, mussels
  • Approved for Dirty Keto Diet
    Farmed seafood

3. Low-carb vegetables

Although we all know that vegetables are healthy and give us the vitamins we need, not all of them are permissible for the ketogenic diet. This is because vegetables also contain carbohydrates that could ruin the whole diet. Look for low-carb vegetables that are nutrient-dense. Root crops such as pumpkin, leeks, carrots, beets, turnips, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and rutabaga have high carbohydrates content; thus, as much as possible, try to avoid them, or if not, limit your intake to moderate amounts.

Also, be conscious of the side effects of nightshades towards your body; although they are permitted in the ketogenic approach, consuming too much can trigger inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. These nightshades include peppers, eggplant, okra, tomatoes, and tomatillos. For those on strict keto diet, it is advisable to limit garlic and onions that tend to be moldy. In addition, cook leafy greens and oxalate-heavy cruciferous lightly. Also, mushrooms, although low-carb, have many unstudied compounds and can foster yeast growth.

  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet
    Asparagus, zucchini, avocado, bok choy, bitter greens,brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage cauliflower, celery, collards, chard, cucumbers, kale, endive, lettuce,kohlrabi, nori, olives, spinach, radish, andsummer squash
  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet occasionally
    Artichokes, eggplant, celery root, garlic, jicama, green beans, leeks,onion, okra, parsnip,pumpkin, peppers, rhubarb,tomatillo, tomato sweet potato, winter squash, and turnip
  • Approved for Dirty Keto Diet
    Raw cruciferous veggies, mushrooms, and canned low-carb veggies

4. Low-carb and Organic Fruits

Fruits, generally, have sugar content that could kick off your ketosis. However, avocado and coconut are the exceptions and could still be eaten even when you are on the keto diet. Fresh berries, that are rich in antioxidants, in minimal amount could also be taken by a person on the keto. For a refresher minus the high-sugar content, a keto green smoothie could be done.

  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet
    Low-fructose berries, cranberries, lime, lemon, coconut, avocado
  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet occasionally
    Low-carb non-organic fruits

5. Oils

Oils, that come from fruits like walnuts and olives, can be a good source of keto-approved healthy fats. Since these oils give off a unique yet flavourful taste, it is highly recommended to stock a few of these oils in your pantry. Just remember to avoid hydrogenated fats, polyunsaturated fats, trans fats, and other processed vegetable fats. In addition, you also have to limit your consumption of inflammatory omega-6s that can be easily found on grain-fed meats, farmed seafood, and chicken skin. Also, remember that duck, chicken, and goose fat and olive oil oxidize faster than other fat sources, thereby changing the way they work in the body.

  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet
    Avocado oil, cacao butter, Brain Octane Oil, cod liver oil, krill oil,grain-fed butter and ghee, MCT oil, pasture-raised pork’s bacon fat, pasture-raised chicken’s egg yolk, pasture-raised pork’s lard, pasture-raised beef’s marrow and tallow, sunflower lecithin, and virgin coconut oil
  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet occasionally
    duck and goose fat, Chicken fat, grain-fed butter/ghee, nut oils, and olive oil
  • Approved for Dirty Keto Diet
    Canola, corn, cottonseed, peanut, flaxseed, soy, safflower,and sunflower oils, margarine, commercial lard, and low-carb commercial dressings

6. Dairy Products

Dairy products are undeniably a good source of protein, calcium, and healthy fats. This is essential for the success of the ketogenic diet as it requires high-fat consumption. For these products, it is advisable to choose raw, grass-fed, full-fat, and organic products to get the anti-inflammatory effects of CLA and omega-3. Dairy is a good source of fat especially if you are following a strict or dirty keto diet; however, you should pay close attention as to not over-do protein which may cause damage in the kidney. While milk – even the goat, full-fat, or raw milk— consists of lactose sugar, it can still be allowed in the keto diet including foods like colostrum, ghee, and butter. Stay away from low-fat or sweetened dairy, such as condensed and evaporated milk, if you want to increase your fat consumption.

For people on a strict ketogenic diet, you should try to avoid cheese on your plate, as its distinct flavor is due to the mold toxins from both animal feed and fermentation. Cheese can also cause inflammation which later on can lead to weight gain.

It is also advisable to pick unpasteurized dairy except if your immune system is impaired. This is because processed dairy is difficult to digest, highly allergenic, and linked to a variety of diseases, and the process of pasteurization dissolves fat and destroys nutrients, thus kicking off its purpose.

  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet
    Grass-fed cow’s colostrum, ghee, and Butter
    Approved for Strict Keto Diet occasionally
    Grass-fed cow’s Organic cream, grass-fed,non-organic butter or ghee
  • Approved for Dirty Keto Diet
    all cheese, Fake butter, pasteurized low-carb dairy

7. Nuts, Legumes, and Seeds

If you choose to follow a keto diet, then consider nuts and seeds as your new BFF. These foods are packed with protein that keeps you full for longer hours, plus an added benefit of healthy fat.

Even though nuts are good sources of healthy fat, they quickly build-up carbs and protein, and often triggers inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis. Try to munch on fattier nuts like pecans and macadamia nuts, but, as much as possible, limit your intake of nuts and seed with high content of omega-6 such as sunflower seeds and peanuts.

You can also use nut flours as an alternative to starchy flours. However, you have to use them in moderation, as they also contain high amounts of protein. To achieve and maintain ketosis, try to avoid high-carb nuts such as chestnuts, pistachios, and cashews, and most beans.

For individuals who practice the Bulletproof diet, they don’t allow all kinds of legumes and nuts as this expose you to increased mold toxins, phytates, inflammatory oxidized fats, and omega-6. Also, soy products are a no-no in the Bulletproof diet as they have phytoestrogen content that could mess up the hormones in the body and later on promote cancer.

  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet
  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet occasionally
    cashews, Raw almonds, hazelnuts, pecans,macadamia nuts, and walnuts; coconut flour and almond flour, and tigernut flour
  • Approved for Dirty Keto Diet
    brazil nuts, Black soybeans, edamame,chia seed, hemp seeds, flaxseed, pine nuts, peanuts, and pistachios

8. Condiments

Finding condiments that could be used to flavor your keto-friendly dishes is quite hard, as most of them have already gone rigorous process.

If you are not sure whether the condiment is according to the standards of the ketogenic diet, then try looking at the nutritional information if the condiment contains added sugar or not. Also, check the labels for other additives such as corn starch, MSG, potato starch, or milk solids.

This is extremely important especially with ketchup which contains sneaky sugars. Also, table salt usually found in the household contain anti-caking agents and hidden fillers, so it is best to prefer a Himalayan pink salt or sea salt instead.

Herbs and spices can still spoil at home and harbor hostile mold toxins even after irradiation. To be able to add extra flavor to your dishes while still abiding by the keto practices, it is recommended to use high-quality and freshly opened spices and herbs. Spices like nutmeg, black pepper, paprika, and powdered garlic have a high tendency to develop aggressive mold toxins.

The only vinegar that should be used for individuals who are practicing the Bulletproof diet is apple cider vinegar; like the rest of the vinegar bring in toxins that could, later on, promote yeast growth in your digestive tract.

  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet
    Ceylon cinnamon, Apple cider vinegar, cocoa powder, cilantro, ginger, coconut aminos, oregano,mustard, rosemary, sea salt, parsley, turmeric, thyme, and vanilla bean
  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet occasionally
    garlic,Black pepper, onion, nutmeg, table salt, andpaprika
  • Approved for Dirty Keto Diet
    Artificial flavors; spice mixes, commercial low-carb dressings, and extracts;bouillon; fermented tamari; soy products; nutritional yeast; MSG; all vinegars

9. Coffee and Tea

What’s good about the keto diet is that you can still enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, just as long as it is made according to the standards of the keto approach. Coffee, Tea, and the so-called Bulletproof coffee could be taken by persons practicing the keto diet. Just don’t forget to watch out for artificial flavors, sweeteners, and fillers.

Dehydration is one of the common side effects when you are doing the keto diet. This is because the body retains less water and sodium due to low levels of insulin. Thus, it is important to stay hydrated either with water, coffee, or tea.

Alcohol is not in any way ketogenic or bulletproof; however, if you really want to take a drink, then do so in moderation and opt for hard liquors as much as possible.

  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet
    Water, Bulletproof Coffee, Bone broth, diluted coconut milk, coffee from mold-free beans, and high-quality green tea,
  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet occasionally
    herbal tea Bottled nut beverages and yerba mate
  • Approved for Dirty Keto Diet
    store-bought broth, low-carb drinks with minimal artificial sweeteners, diet sodas, low-carb liquor (whiskey, tequila, vodka, and gin)

10. Chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover, then lo and behold, you can still indulge yourself even when you are in a keto diet. Just make sure to check the label if the chocolate has at least 70% cacao and doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners. However, it is still advisable to indulge every once in a while only to avoid health risks.

  • Approved for Strict Keto Diet occasionally
    Dark Chocolate
  • Approved for Dirty Keto Diet
    Dark chocolate

These are some of the keto-friendly foods you could include in your next grocery list. Just remember to carefully check the nutritional information, usually found at the back of the container, if you have doubts. With all these keto-friendly foods, for sure shedding off those extra and unwanted fats is made easier.